The Studio Profile:


Our Studio

At Renee Dunn Architect we devote our time to a diverse range of projects, focusing primarily on our residential and commercial capabilities. We offer a full and comprehensive architectural experience individually tailored to each specific project. We take the time to work with our clients to gain a personal understanding of the desired result.

We acknowledge that no one project is the same, tailoring our skills and time to the individuality of both clients and project. We are passionate about providing a personal approach to the architectural experience through the one on one interaction between architect and client.


Our Services

Renee Dunn Architect offers partial or full services – these include but are not limited to; conceptual design, DA & BA documentation, joinery design and documentation, project management and project finalisation. Our aim is to take your concept and ideas through sketch design to a built reality.

Renee Dunn Architect is a Brisbane based practice established in 2002 by founding principle, Renee Dunn. We are a forward focused client architectural firm. A firm that continually strives to surpass all client expectations. A firm that takes the time to understand the client and their key drivers for a successful project. A firm where the status-quo and the attitude of “that is just how it is done” are constantly challenged and reviewed so that the best results are achieved for all stakeholders. A firm that actively engages as a partner to the project rather than as a distant consultant. We are a firm that values the concept that quality does not always have to cost more.


The firm works in boutique residential architecture, as well as commercial and retail tenancy fitouts. We offer full and comprehensive services from conception, through to documentation, procurement, project management and project finalisation. We have extensive experience in delivering numerous projects on time and on budget.


At Renee Dunn Architect, the team design approach is informed, meticulous, refined and enthusiastic. We have a keen eye for the finer details and pride ourselves on understanding each client’s unique story to drive a successful architectural project.

Renee Dunn

Principle Architect


Renee Studied Architecture at the Queensland University of Technology graduating with second class Honours after completing a Bachelor of Graphic Design at Griffith University. Before establishing Renee Dunn Architect, Renee worked for award-winning architects in Brisbane where she was involved in the architectural direction of commercial design, high-end residential and urban design.


Renee is currently the Principle and Director of Renee Dunn Architect. Renee has built the reputation of the practice with her dedicated involvement in all projects undertaken at the firm by herself and her team.

Sarah Armstrong

Graduate Architect


Sarah is a passionate designer who keeps her client’s needs at the forefront of her work. After completing her Bachelor of Design (Architecture) with Honours she went on to work in commercial and interior design. Her experience in commercial and residential, along with a vivid imagination, allows her to deliver spaces that are both functional and aesthetic.